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Green future for Yamba River Markets

The licence to operate the popular Yamba River Markets has been awarded to Live Prawn Productions Inc, following a successful tender process. The not-for-profit association has operated the market since 2008 and during that time seen a rise in the number of stalls and customers. Market Coordinator Gary Brisbane said, “We’ve refined the operating model over the years, welcomed community groups and cultivated loyal stallholders. It feels as though the market’s reputation as a community event has never been better.” Operating the market, which takes place every fourth Sunday of the month at Ford Park, sees the team of volunteers at Live Prawn Productions continue to deliver on the purpose of the association. That is, to co-ordinate and encourage all forms of creative and cultural endeavours in the Clarence Valley. The highest profile event produced until now by LPP is Surfing The Coldstream Festival. However, since announcing a hiatus in producing the free festival, LPP has been considering alternatives that are more sustainable for a not-for-profit organisation. The association’s President, Phil Nicholas said, “There’s a captive audience at each month’s market, including hundreds of regulars from the Clarence Valley and an ever growing flow of tourists from southeast Queensland. The market already features live music and I expect to add more performances by school groups and local community arts showcases, just as we have done at the festival in the past. Our marketing plan aims to position the markets as the leading community focused and waste-wise, alternative retail experience in the region.” The biggest change in the short term relates to new waste management initiatives. The plan involves making green bins available to collect compostable food and packaging waste, as well as education strategies to help visitors understand which bin to use. Mr Brisbane added, “We’re working with our food stallholders to ensure they inform customers which bin is suitable for the packaging that accompanies their food. And we also provide stallholders with information on how to access discounts on compostable products like paper bags, plates and cutlery.” Yamba River Markets return on Sunday 23 July, with a Plastic Free Picnic featuring live music, nature art workshops and information about the green bin initiative.