Community News

Grafton VIEW Club

President Helen welcomed 26 members to the April meeting of the Grafton VIEW Club. Guest speaker, Ann Armstrong, who specializes in senior fitness, gave a very informative address, hopefully motivating members to take a more active part in their fitness levels. It was pleasing to note that The Smith Family has been awarded the 2016 SIMNA Award for Excellence in Social Impact Measurement at the Think Outcomes Conference and that 34,000 disadvantaged young Australians are being supported across the nation. During the month, nine members attended the 25th birthday of its sister club, Urunga. It is always pleasing to catch up with this friendly club. Some members also attended the Red Cross morning tea and the United Hospital auxiliary Mothers Day morning tea. Members have also been very generous in The Smith Family’s recycling drive and these items will be forwarded this month. The next meeting of the Club will be held on Tuesday 24 May with special guest Cecilia Bayliss, NM03’s National Councillor. This is Cecilia’s first visit to Grafton in her capacity as National Councillor. At this meeting we will also be holding a trading table so please bring along items for sale. Don’t forget book exchange also each month. Please contact Vorna on 6642 4719 no later than 9am Monday morning before the meeting if you are unable to attend. Failure to do so members will be expected to pay at the next meeting. If you would like to know more about VIEW and its associated programmes you can visit the web site at Helen Smith