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Grafton Senior Citizens

Grafton Senior Citizens recently held their May general meeting, with an attendance of 61 members, 20 apologies.
Birthday wishes to those celebrating during month, & best wishes to anyone on sick list, including Doris Holbrook & Elma Ward.
Standing orders then suspended while new President, Bob Pearce, spoke about his life. He began his working life as a night telephonist with PMG in 1959, then delivered telegrams, before joining railway. After redundancy, retired to Grafton to be near where family were then living. He has done a tour of Africa with his son, & also a tour of Canada.
Welcome to new members Kevin Molla and John Moerenhout.
General business included Pie & pea day and includes games, trivia, & fun activities, all for $10, on Monday, 6 June, now has almost 50 booked, but more can be accommodated, by May 26, for catering.
New members are welcome to join group, & anyone over age 50 may apply. Enquiries can be made with members at Community Centre, Duke St, any Thursday, or come along to a meeting on 2nd Tuesday of month. Many thanks to Jill Campbell, who has agreed to join committee to fill remaining position.
Next trip, a day to Outback Spectacular on Gold Coast, for a 3 course lunch & show, on Sunday, 26 June, has been on sale a while, & is currently full, so reserves will be noted. Final payments are required by early June to enable purchase of tickets & finalisation of trip.
A mystery trip on 15 July, has just gone on sale, & there are still plenty of spare seats.
The extended tour, including Thunderbolts Way, Port Stephens & Newcastle, 7 days from 19th August, has been on sale a few months, & is already fully booked, with 47. Names will still be taken for a waiting list.
Mothers Day competition results – 1st, L. Rumble; 2nd, L. Purnell; 3rd, B. Sanders.
200 competition results – 1st, B. Jukes; 2nd, N. De Amyand; 3rd, M. Rodgers.
Regular meeting competition winners were – A. Moran; L. Jarrett; S. Connelly; H. Smith; R. Miller; S. Gibson.
Due to bookings of rooms by other groups, carpet bowls, Wednesday, 25 May, cancelled, but contrary to earlier advice, activities on 1 June will be ok.
Next general meeting, 10.30am, Tuesday, 14 June. Guest speaker next meeting will be Colin Drayton, Fire Station Officer.
Sandra Connelly