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Grafton Services Swim Club

Tuesday evening proved to be a night of firsts for some members. In the final of the 25m freestyle, Damien O’Mahony, Andrew Madden, David Moon and Steve Donnelly faced the starter. With only a five second break dividing the swimmers, it was a race that was never going to disappoint. David was first to touch the tiles, but the time keeper had him busting by .13, and the judge couldn’t help, as he also had him breaking. Next home was Andrew, one of our relatively new swimmers. He was awarded the win and very pleased to at last receive a voucher, his first since joining the club. The 50m race was once again changed to a relay, and only two teams qualified for the final as all other contestants were disqualified in the heats. Andrew Madden and Jill Enks teamed up, and their opposition came from Bob Owen and Damien O’Mahony. The team of Andrew and Jill were the first to have one swim complete with the other swimmer in the water, but once Bob had completed his leg and Damien took chase it became obvious that they were slowly bearing down on their opposition. Bob and Marno scored the win, even though their time was a tad slow, and Jill and Andrew came in just a second later. The Wykes Tyrepower Cup was the last event for the night and Bruce Durrington, Richard Sear, Steve Donnelly and Jill Enks were the finalists. Members had their doubts as to how Jill would perform, having just completed the 50m relay, but she was there, not far off the lads as they completed the distance. Searsy was first home but broke his time. Steve was next, but also broke, and the same story applied to Durro. Jill, swimming an excellent time, was awarded the cup, announcing, very excitedly, that it was a first for her. Toni Ensbey