Grafton Services Swim Club

Jenny Vickery, sporting a lovely suntan, was welcomed back to swimming last week after enjoying a cruise around the Pacific. Members were also pleased to see Sarah Dougherty back in the line up after quite a long absence. A novelty 37m swim/walk race was the first event for the evening and it proved to be an absolute shemozzle with members nominating estimated times which were up to twenty seconds wrong. Those who fluked it to a the final by being just a little closer to nominated times were Andrew Madden, Tyler Durrington, Damien O’Mahony and Max Kroehnert. Max was obviously the crowd favourite as he was cheered on by a very enthusiastic audience who were screaming encouragement as a fast finishing sprint by Andrew threatened a photo finish. Luckily Max held off the challenge, and with a final lunge, took the race just .39 ahead of Andrew. Tyler came in third, 2.5 seconds over his time and Marno, a good 5.5 seconds slow was at the tail of the field. Max, on winning the race was heard to say that “he enjoyed these novelty events”. The 50m final brought all back to serious business and hopping on the blocks were Doug Ensbey, Richard Sear, Ian Davis and Bruce (back from the sick list) Durrington. Searsy pulled out all stops in this race, and even though his pace didn’t seem to change he was first to arrive home with the not so good news that he had broken by nearly two seconds. Next home was Durro, and with correct time announced, took the win by a whisker from Doug, and Ian, swimming just over his time claimed third place. Five contestants lined up for the final of the 25m B B & B. Taj O’Mahony lined up with his Dad Damien, Tyler Durrington and Dad Bruce and the only lady finalist for the entire night was Jill Enks. Tyler and Taj put in marathon efforts to outswim their Dad’s but it brought them undone – both broke their times. Marno’s effort to catch Taj also brought him undone so all eyes then went to the time keepers. A check on watches was made and Jill, swimming a very good time, was awarded the win with Bruce, swimming three seconds slow, collecting second place. Toni Ensbey