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Groups welcome at Coutts Crossing Croquet

There was keen competition Thursday, and a visit from Kevin Hogan. Ten games of Golf Croquet were played. Gillian Martin was the only unbeaten player. Bill Gauci and Jane Berger shared the shots of the day, each 20 yards and Bill had the most energetic reaction of the day, leaping away from a speeding ball. Joy Campbell, Rusty Case, Pat MacLennan and Robyn Walters each had two wins. Phyll Harrison and Debbie McIntosh were both off form. With the Buckleys, Davisons, Jordans, Algies and Wilsons all taking a rest day, there was a peaceful and serene ambiance about the lawns. Saturday afternoons are immensely popular with 26 people turning up to play and watch, and 13 doubles matches were played and 147 hoops were run. Youngsters Mia McGrath and Kiara Berger showed good technique. Phyll Harrison had the only ‘win only’ record. Joy Campbell, Bill Gauci, Valerie Mackay, Yvonne Gillett, Nea Buckley and Frank Mack all had a good day, while Yvonne Clarke struggled with a new mallet. Terry Wilson had an off day, with Rod and Kay Munro in good form. Only one session of Association Croquet this week, but some very good play. Rod and Kay Munro drew 9-9 while Peter Deeth beat Jim Algie 18-15. Sue Deeth, improving weekly, saw off Gillian Martin 16-10. Fifty five percent of the membership turned up on a cold, windy, Monday morning for the club’s first AGM and a report on a hugely successful first year. Eva Fischer and Thelma James were made Honorary Life Members. Coutts Crossing Croquet Club is taking bookings for parties to play croquet on week days and on Saturday mornings. Up to sixteen can play (minimum age 9), all equipment provided, plus tuition and guidance. The cost is only $60 for the morning. Clubs, company groups, large families all welcome. While in Coutts Crossing you could finish up with lunch at Jax at the Coutts Tavern, the new restaurant with the best pub food in the Upper Clarence. What a day out! Call 6649 5109 for details.