Grafton Services Swim Club

A night of surprises was in store for members last week. What most thought was an apparition, was actually Max Kroehnert strolling through the turnstiles to nominate and he also brought along his grandson Chris Owen. Both Max and Chris were given a warm welcome, as was Sue Green, a member of Lismore club, who came along to join us for the evening. Due to the number of entrants, five heats were held leading up to the finals. In the 50m final Bob Owen, Steve Donnelly, Damien O’Mahony, Bill Goddard and Terry Barnes were the qualifiers. Bill, first away on handicap, held the rest of the field at bay for the entire distance, but he was so far in front that the crowd were urging him to slow down. Despite the warning, Bill touched a good three seconds ahead of his opposition, and of course, was disqualified. Also falling into the same trap was Marno, which left Steve to grab the win from Barnesy and Bob. The Stephen Donnelly Explosive Cup was next on the programme and the five finalists were Toni Ensbey, Debbie Smith, Doug Ensbey, Wilson Burns and Andrew Madden. When Toni crossed the line she was aware that many had finished ahead of her, but then she heard the judge announcing that Debbie, Andrew, Doug and Wilson had busted their times. Checking that her time was within the range allowed, Toni gladly accepted the honour of the win. Bob Owen, Steve Donnelly and Andrew Madden saddled up for their second final of the night when the 30m B B & B contestants were announced. Joining them on the blocks were David Moon, Terry Marsh and Taj O’Mahony. Steve covered the distance very quickly and reached home first. However, he had been too keen and busted his time by 1.38. Marshy was next home, but alas, he busted by 1.22. David was awarded the win, Taj second and Andrew third. Twenty eight members enjoyed the barbeque after the swim. A huge thanks to Bruce, Tyler and Marshy for taking over the cooking and clean up afterwards – much appreciated. Toni Ensbey