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Grafton Midday Rotary hosting ‘I Am Woman’ at the Saraton on October 31

Midday Rotary is delighted to be hosting the film I Am Woman, the story of Helen Reddy, on the Saraton Theatre big wide screen.

Grafton Midday Rotary Club service director, Jenny Hyland, said, “It’s the story of Australian singer/songwriter, Helen Reddy, who shot to global stardom in the seventies. While set in the US, the movie is an Australian production shot in Sydney.”

Tilda Cobham-Hervey is sensational in the lead role. She is a young South Australian actor who excels in the lead role. I am sure that many women love Helen Reddy and respect all that she stood for. Come along and have a good time seeing the movie on Grafton city’s big screen at the beautiful Saraton.”

“Tickets are $15 from the Saraton ticket office or online at  with screening starting at 7pm on Saturday October 31.”

“COVID safe seating, social distancing and hand hygiene are part of the Saraton’s attraction.”

“In Australia, the movie is only available to the public through streaming service Stan. Apart from a small number of screenings at film festivals, the only way to see this movie at the cinema will be through Rotary events. We are very grateful to Stan for giving Rotary this exclusive in Australian cinemas.”

“The nett proceeds from the film showing will be donated to the Polio Plus campaign.”

This year, the Polio Movie Event is a tribute to Australian Past RI President, Sir Clem Renouf, who passed away on June 11.  Sir Clem was a giant in Rotary’s history and was one of the leading figures in our fight to end Polio

Brian Lane