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Grafton Men’s Bowls

Wednesday 16th March – Men’s social bowls day: Six rinks in use today all Triples games, two including swinging leads. The weather was fine with the Green beginning to quicken. Starting to run very nicely indeed. The results of all six matches as follows: Rink (1) J Bessant, B Ashbrooke & M Ransome d D James, J Gaddy & G Mallison 26-9. Rink (2) N Wilson, K Vanbeek & L Preston d M Andrews, G Taylor & L Bond 22-15. Rink (3) W Powell (Swinging Lead), B Bolwin & G Kilduff d W Powell (SL), N Allen & T Newsome 21-16. Rink (4) P Gillespie, J Pye & K Fitzsimmons d M Revell, D Andrews & I Cheyne 21-14. Rink (5) S Weber, J Mitchell & J Betts d B Kenny, J Flaherty & L Flaherty 23-6. Rink (6) L Taylor (Swinging Lead), T Latter & G Condie d L Taylor (SL), P Nottle & B Kowal 21-14. Winning Rink: (5) S Weber, J Mitchell, J Betts. Lucky team: L Taylor, T Latter, G Condie. The resting toucher went to George Mallison and the jackpot was not won. Thursday 17th March – Men’s championship pairs round: S Weber & T Weber d G Mallison & B Kowal 21-11 Friday 18th March – Men’s Mixed Barefoot bowls day: Once again just three rinks for this social afternoon, consisting of two games of Triples one making use of a swinging lead and one game of Pairs. The results of the afternoon’s matches listed below: Rink (1) L Perrett & L Bond d B Ford & N Graham 21-12. Rink (2) S Scott, S Ford & J Betts d A O’Brien, M Bettison & A Bunn 26-11. Rink (3) J Pye (Swinging Lead), J Flaherty & D O’Brien d J Pye (SL), B Essex & L Andrew 24-15. Winning Rink: (1) L Perrett, L Bond. Chook end: John Betts. The resting toucher went to Betty Ford and the jackpot was not won. Sunday 20th March – Mixed Barefoot bowls: In delightfully cool temperatures twelve bowlers enjoyed a very pleasant morning on our Green. Three games of pairs resulted in the following: Rink (1) B Emmanuel & S Weber d A O’Brien & R Holmes 21-20. Rink (2) J Thorpe & P O’Brien d M Cheetham & L Perrett 27-16. Rink (3) P Wall & J Betts d T Cameron & L Betts 15-7. There will be no social bowls next weekend due to the Easter break. Safe travelling and happy Easter to all our members and their families. D McLachlan