Community News

Grafton Floral Art

President Doreen welcomed members to the meeting of the Grafton Floral Art Society, and three apologies were rendered on behalf of members and were accepted. As Doreen has recently returned from attending a judges and advanced designers refresher course, she briefly spoke on the quality of the exercises and designs and mentioned that it was “designing with spheres” which is the shape of most flowers. She placed five designs for judging and received one second placing. An invitation was once again tabled from the Grafton View Club who are holding an entertaining day on November 6 at the Grafton District Services Club, commencing at 10.30am with all proceeds going to the Smith Family Appeal. Owing to the absence of the President, last meeting was chaired by Vice President Elaine who encouraged all to bring along flowers from their garden and hold a friendly competition arranging in supplied pedestal bowls. Using mixed flowers and foliage this produced some very decorative results. Varying lengths of stems were arranged and made each bloom look its best. The use of flowers readily available can stimulate ideas on presentation. The Christmas function on December 10 was confirmed, and will once again be held at the Whitehouse Tea rooms. Members are reminded that the net meeting of the group on November 12 will be a hands exercise. Freda Johnson