Community News

Grafton Floral Art Society

Owing to the absence of President Doreen, the meeting of the Grafton Floral Art Society was chaired by Vice President Elaine Platt who extended a warm welcome to all present. Doreen was at Gladstone attending a Judges and Advanced Designers refresher course to be tutored by Mark Pampling October 8 and 9. The course includes demonstrations and workshops. Leone Roberts was in attendance at the meeting to further discuss queries and positions in connection with the “Festival of Flowers”. Secretary Nancy presented official documentation re being incorporated for a further twelve months. Correspondence from the Garden Club of Australia re affiliation fee and subscription to the magazine “Our Garden” was approved and complete. As the next get together will be very close to preparation for the “Festival of Flowers”, it was decided to have a relaxing mixed competition with members bringing any flowers or foliage available from home gardens and all members have the use of same. Arranging flowers and foliage is not a difficult task and the basic principles can be grasped by anyone. It is a form of expression that can be enjoyed from your very first arrangement. A reminder to members that the next meeting will be on October 22 and all are most welcome to attend. Freda Johnson