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Grafton Floral Art Society

Being the second meeting for the year, the Grafton Floral Art Society, president Lyn welcomed members and the theme “My choice in green” brought some exciting results.

One apology was received and accepted.

Visitor to the meeting was Leonie Roberts of the Grafton Agricultural Show Society. Leonie stressed the importance of interesting exhibits at the annual Grafton Show to be held May 1-2. Leonie attended and addressed the members with encouragement to all participants.

Additional copies of the autumn issue of “Our Garden” were received and distributed.

Further application was received to be completed and forwarded to Grafton Shoppingworld management, to hold a floral display during the July Race Week.

“My choice in green“ resulted in Laurel Morton arranging a cone holder, a brides posie, containing a variety of ferns and small variegated foliage, with focal area a stem of American chrysanthemums.

Doreen excelled herself with six designs. Firstly, in a bowl arrangement a modern design with Xanadu foliage and at the base, massed small green roses. The next design was in a small bowl with masses of fine asparagus fern, with decorative canes throughout to resemble hearts as for Valentine Day. Followed up with an abstract design with trimmed umbrella grass in a rectangle shaped trough with suspended succulents. In a similar shaped trough three Strelitzias leaves stood tall and three were turned horizontally and placed through their base and green grapes were placed an accessory.

The final demonstration was a massed traditional symmetrical design featuring strelitzias foliage for height an outline of sword fern and fine asparagus foliage was used for filling and the focal area featured stems of green roses.

Lyn produced an oval basket containing lilli pilli, pine, aspidistras, viburnum, frog fern, succulents, green grapes and wired green buttons.

There was a wealth of lovely garden plant material available with interesting foliage.

A reminder to members the next meeting is on March 12 and is “hands on exercise” with focus on flower arranging without using floral foam e.g. wire, marbles, pin holders, newspaper.

 Lyn Hayman