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Grafton Clay Target Club

A smaller number of shooters than usual attended the monthly shoot at the Grafton Clay Target Club, there being another important shoot in the district, but with a beautiful day and superb clays those who attended our shoot really enjoyed the mixed program we provided. Main event was a 50 target Ball Trap Club Championship. Ball Trap is fast and furious with the clays travelling much faster and with much wider angles. The grading too for Ball Trap are also different to normal grades. Grafton Clay Target Club has never had a possible scored at Ball Trap – such is the difficulty of this event but still all shooters seem to step up to the challenge and enjoy themselves. Romeo Spagnola from the Coffs Harbour Club put up an excellent display of fine shooting and won the Club Championship with a creditable score of 41/50 with the closest scores to this being in the high thirties. To add much needed sanity to the day we also shot a 50 target Double Barrel which restored much confidence to our ability to break clays. Romeo’s good score for the Ball Trap helped him win the High Gun for the day with a score of 89/100. Results: Event 1: 50tgt Double Barrel – Cash Divide AA – 1st Romeo Spagnola 48/50, 2nd Myles Lindner, Phil Nelson 47/50; A – 1st Thomas Hart 49/50, 2nd Ross Aston 47/50; B – 1st Maurice Short 47/50, 2nd Keith Connor 42/50; C – 1st Dave Casbolt 42/50. Event 2: 50tgt Ball Trap – Club Championship Overall – Romeo Spagnola 41/50; A – 1st Romeo Spagnola 41/50, 2nd Myles Lindner 38/50; B – 1st Ted Schneider 39/50, 2nd Ross Aston 38/50; C – 1st Phil Nelson 35/50. High Gun: Romeo Spagnola 89/100. Next month our normal monthly competition will be held on the usual second Sunday of the month (11 October). This will be a Champion of Champions Club Championship event embracing almost all the DTL disciplines we normally shoot. Our next practice day will be on 3 October next commencing at 1pm. Visitors are always welcome to come and watch our regular or practice shoot and remember if anyone wishes to talk to an accredited Firearms Safety and Training Officer then please phone 6642 4636 or visit our club on the regular shoot or practice day. Rus Wesslink