GDSC Women’s Bowls

Lovely weather for bowling again on Thursday 19 although we would welcome some rain. Two games of pairs and a game of triples was played today and the winners were C. Morrison, J. Pugh and D. Lawson d M. Woodward, J. Pugh and J. Cooper. Lucky Losers went to J. McPhee and J. Weatherstone d by S. Woodward and L. Robertson. In the other game M. Elliott and A. Williams defeated R. Foley and B. Murray. Competition winners today were L. Robertson x 2 and B. Murray. On Tuesday 24 again another great day for bowls, winners today were J. McPhee and A. Williams d N. Mawhirt and J. Cooper [lucky losers], Runner/up went to R. Macdonald, R. Foley and D. Rapley d S. Hillier, M. Elliott and B. Murray. On the other rinks M. Firth, M. McClaer and L. Robertson d J. Eggins, A. Perkins and J. Solomon, also S. Taylor, S. Woodward and D. Lawson d D. Walsh, B. Donohoe and J. Weatherstone. Resting toucher went to D. Lawson at 10.25 and the competition was won by M. Firth, B. Donohoe, S. Taylor and R. Foley. Our general meeting was held after bowls today and we would like to welcome four new members to our Club M. Gough, D. Walsh, S. Hillier and S. Taylor hope you enjoy your games with us Ladies. A reminder also that our fees are due and we would like them to be paid by the end of May thank you ladies. They may be paid on any bowling day. Our AGM will be held in the Les Beattie room on Wednesday June 8 at 10am and President Dawn has asked that we all wear our new uniform for photos to be taken of the incoming Committee. Wishing all teams that will be contesting the District Triples at Iluka next week good bowling. Kitty