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Firstly let me apologise for missing last week’s news, I got caught up in the Easter Bunny thing and forgot the deadline, but there were a couple of things that I wanted to bring up. Have you ever been playing a round of golf thinking you are going ok but you end up on the wrong side of the scoreboard, well that was me last week, I played Paul McFarlane in match play and before I knew it Paul was up 5 and 4, if I hit a good drive Paul would out drive me by 20, if I put my approach shot 3 of 4 meters from the pin Paul would put it one meter away, my putt would lip out and Pauls would be dead centre. All I can say is that that is golf. I also heard last week that there is a mysterious sandman roaming the course, as someone has been covering other players golf balls with sand, it might be ok while we are playing preferred lies could it will be interesting when we play as it lies. Last Sunday we had 54 players hit the fairways for the George Mallison sponsored Monthly Medal and if you could not better par you had no chance of even getting a pro ball. The best score of the day was a fine 30 nett by B Grade and Medal winner Richard Sear, closely followed by Jason Casserly with 31 and Terry Laybutt and John Pitkin with 32, nice golf guys. Jason Casserly also scored an eagle 2 on the par 4 3rd and knowing Jason I doubt if there was any luck involved but I will ask about it next Sunday. Terry Laybutt was the only Waterboy from Sunday at the 7th hole but Garry Reynolds also joined the Waterboys club at the 7th the previous week, welcome to the club Gentlemen. Jim Fung is on the sick list at the moment and everyone at Westlawn is hoping Jim a speedy recovery and hope to see him back on the fairways very soon. There will be a Committee meeting after the game next Sunday so if you have anything that you would like bought up please do not hesitate to let myself or any Committee member know and we will discuss it at the meeting. Next Sunday will be a Stableford Aggregate event. Starters will be P Cubin and G Larnach with R Miller and D Morgan handling the results. Sunday 17th April will be a Single Stableford event in conjunction with the Captain verses President teams trophy. Starters will be C Doggett and D Lynch with D Roberts and M Biggs to handle the results. Dave Lynch