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Welcome back Jan

Tri-singles is proving very popular among members at Yamba Women’s Bowling Club, and was the order of the day again on Tuesday last week. With three bowlers per rink, two playing one marking in rotation and playing two mini-games 8 ends each, it is providing members with worthwhile singles experience. As valuable as developing the ability to strategize and play solo, it is assisting less experienced markers and scorers to learn the ropes. On March 29, across the six rinks of tri-singles, one very evenly matched trio of Joan Scadden, Lily Medhurst and Gwen Hoskin won a game each. On other rinks, there were a number of two-game winners, namely: Sonia Graham; Wendy Ballantyne; Kaye Mason; Sandy Owen and Chris Cole – who along with her opponents Helen Atkinson and Bev Shatte was drawn as the lucky Consolation winner. The other lucky rink winners prizes went to the only game of triples played on the day, with the team of Jan Stamp/Margaret Durante/Beryl Neilsen, snaring the lucky winners prize and Val Pate/Lorraine Ashbury and Helen Scott the runners up. One of the hi-lights on the green on Thursday 31 was seeing the talented Jan Dunning back after a protracted absence, and while taking it easy it was very clear that she has lost none of her skills in the meanwhile. Unfortunately though, Jan could not top off her return with winning a prize. Chris Cole, however, was in the prize-winners’ circle again, teaming up with Faye reeves to take out the lucky winners draw, while Sandy Owen and Joan Scadden were drawn for the runners up prize, and Beryl Mills and Kerry Pedder for the consolation. The social selectors are to be congratulated not only on their innovative approach to social bowls but on largely matching teams very well, with three of the five games last Thursday being decided by less than 3 shots. This is a difficult job being well done. Another difficult job is being very well done by our Grade 4 Pennant team. After a sensational week when they won two games away from home against strong opposition, they now have two home games to finish off their season, and to potentially take out the competition. As they face South Grafton on Tuesday 5, and Maclean on Thursday on 7, manager Raels McKibbin is sure to rouse her troups to finish off in style. Again some fine bowls should be on show. Wendy Ballantyne