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GDSC Lawn Bowls

This Saturday night December 5 our 2015 combined GDSC Bowls Christmas & Presentation Night is to be held upstairs Beattie Function Room of GDSC a 6-30pm start 7pm. The GDSC TNT (Tuesday Night Twilight) bowls will finish Tuesday December 15. Round 9 had the Triple Trouble team the winner’s runner up of Team Abbey Motel & Lucky Loser to The Sanitair Team. The Abbey Motel play of the night on Green 1 again to super sub Meryl Buckley 19-00 and The Green 2 Henwoods Hot Bread play of the night B Saunders 20-40. Leaders after Round 9 and two weeks to go: Scrubbers the big mover 40pts followed by Triple Trouble 38pts; Smaccas 35pts; Pop& Go on 34pts. A big thank you to our sponsors GDSC/GDSC Men’s Bowls/XXXX/Abbey Motel/Henwoods Hot bread. Wednesday monthly triples winners: (D Brown/Kaos/R Ulrick) with runners up (P Neve/J Moerenhout/D Cutts). Lucky loser A Gough/Mr Bowls S Mepstead/T Lickiss the XXXX/Tooyeys play of the day B Williams 13-17. Friday pairs was a shocker again, not the heat but with the twins Ronnie (the Craw) couching his twin John Stacey (two carriers of the FIGJAM virus) trying to out coach each other again. But we did have some fare dinkum bowls played, with the winners the law firm B & N Baldwin, from A Gough/T Lickiss. Lucky Loser D Brown/B Hall the XXXX/Tooheys play of the day would you believe J Stacey 13-05. The Craw said it was his outstanding coaching techniques. Again $400 jackpot not won. Last Saturday the heat beat everyone & this week the rain came, no one for the XXXX/Tooheys play of the day. List for names for those who wish to play in the 2016 Pennant season ASAP so we can work out number of teams to nominate. No Sunday bowls until more interest shown by all members Saturday afternoon now mixed mufti play and bowls Intro-day if you wish learn bowls can be supplied names before 12pm noon (please state next to name on sheet at front desk if new): Bryan Buckley