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South Grafton Men’s Bowls

Wednesday 25th November. Men’s Social bowls. Once again shockingly hot temperatures made bowling less than enjoyable; however five rinks still took to the Green, consisting of four of Triples and one of pairs. Results from all games were as follows: Rink (1). M Revell, D Andrews & Spike d D Barker, G Kilduff & L Preston 20-15; Rink (2). J Pye, K Fitzsimmons & P Gillespie d T Newsome, S Weber & J Betts 34-4; Rink (3). D James, J Gaddy & G Mallison d W Powell, M Andrews & L Bond 21-14; Rink (4). B Kenny, J Flaherty & L Flaherty d A Cannon, N Harrison & M Ransome 25-14; Rink (5). L Andrew & B Ashbrooke d J Davis & M Myers 17-16. Winning Rink (3). D James. J Gaddy. G Mallison. Lucky team: B Kenny. J Flaherty. L Flaherty. Resting Toucher: J Pye. Jackpot not won. Friday 27th November, Men’s Mixed Barefoot Bowls: With temps still soaring 20 hardy souls still rocked up for mixed bowls and in two games of Triples and two of pairs the results were as follows: Rink (1). S Scott, J Flaherty & B Hayes d J Pye, K Fitzsimmons & L Andrew 21-16; Rink (2). D Fitzsimmons & A Bunn d L Perrett & L Bond 22-16; Rink (3). R Pendergast, M Bettison & L Preston d B Kenny, D O’Brien & G Kilduff 16-15; Rink (4). A O’Brien & S Weber d B Essex & J Betts 25-15. Winning Rink: (3). R Pendergast. M Bettison. L Preston. Chook Ends: End 8 G Kilduff. End 14. B Hayes. Resting Toucher B Kenny. Jackpot not won. A few upcoming events to note down. Mixed Championship Presentations will be held Sunday 6th December after lunch. Open to all members a social game will commence 9.30 am. Names in by Thursday 3rd Dec please Men’s Presentation day 9th December following social bowls. Our Green will be closing on the 15th December for some well deserved TLC. Wayne has requested the help of volunteers for this day to begin at 9.30 am. Your help will be much appreciated. The Green will re open 26th January 2016. D McLachlan