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GDSC 2016 bowls

A big turnout for last Wednesday’s Mufti Pairs saw T McMillan/B Williams the winners and runners up to D Clarke/R Grant with lucky losers R Nelson/R Cavanagh. Play of the day went to C Bennett R/T 13-23, and no one got the $400 Jackpot. With the weather god so kind, the Greens were full again for Fridays Big Bash Mufti Pairs, with a great challenge match of the leads L Bassett/D Brown taking on J Ryan/M Shorten, and at the end 1 shot was the difference. The day’s winners Snow/Kaos with P Cubbin/Macca, runners up and the lucky losers R Cavanagh/T Hardy. Play of the day to that super star Sleepy 13-46 R/T, and again no one won the $400 jackpot. With the holidays ended, its back to the real world with the start our 2016 Club Championships program. The Major Fours draw is posted on the board for you to see this Saturday 16th January. Roll up 12.40pm, play to start at 1pm. Play or forfeit rule applies. Skips only: game No 1 – R Madden v Kaos; No 2 – P Cubbin v T Lickiss; No 3 – K Landrigan v A Knox; No 4 – R Want v R Ulrick; No 5 – K O’Meara v J Moerenhout. All the Saturday winners play each other plus the Bye team skipped by B Williams on Sunday 17th January. Roll up 8.40am with play at 9am, and if you’re not playing come along and enjoy some great bowls and an ale. Please be careful with entries, just ask J Moerenhout, they had a great discussion on this matter the other day. Nominations are now open for Club Open Major Singles and Club Open Major Pairs and if you don’t have a new Club shirt, get your order in. The form is posted on the board. Bryan Buckley