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Drink coffee – do good – August 7th

When you pop into Botero on Friday August 7th and buy your favourite brew you can savour it even more knowing you are raising funds to help needy local charities. For every coffee sold, Botero will donate $1.00 to CafeSmart, an initiative of national grassroots organisation StreetSmart, which helps raise funds to tackle homelessness in local communities. This is the fifth year that CafeSmart will UNITE cafes, coffee roasters, and coffee drinkers, during Homelessness Prevention Week, for a common local cause. In 2014, 400 cafés across Australia raised $120,000 in one day to assist 91 local projects. The continuing ethos of Botero is best seen in the relationship with the local Clarence Valley residents. CafeSmart is an initiative for our strong and tight-knit community to really get behind and support those in need, and the team at Botero are very proud to help facilitate this incredible cause to ensure every person from every walk of life has the chance to enjoy a delicious coffee. As StreetSmart CEO, Adam Robinson points out, grabbing a coffee and helping out is something we can all do. “What I love about this initiative is that it brings the community together to help local organisations. The support we have from cafés and the coffee industry is inspiring. Cafés around the country have come together for a national day of action with a very local outcome. So on the 7th August we can all make a special effort to visit a participating café and enjoy a brew or maybe 2,” he said. Sarah Wilson, journalist, TV presenter and StreetSmart Ambassador added “CafeSmart is an up-close-and-meaningful way for cafés and their customers to connect with their local community to help people for whom a latte is a luxury. This initiative is direct and close to home…it will have a real impact on people’s lives.” Botero is located at 275 River St, Maclean NSW 2463 and open from 6:45am – 5pm. Information about CafeSmart can be found on