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CVC identifies savings for forthcoming budget

Clarence Valley’s councillors unanimously endorsed a report identifying “efficiency savings” tabled during a confidential session at the March 15 council meeting. The $876,250 in savings will be included in Clarence Valley Council’s draft 2016/2017 operational plan and budget. The council meeting’s minutes list the following cost centres and relevant savings: Offices (Grafton) $10,000, Plant Review $200,000, Executive Support $43,000, Finance & Supply $64,000, Roads $193,000, Floodplain Infrastructure & Operation $110,000, Internal Road Services $20,500, Regulatory Services $63,000, Community Development $12,750, Libraries $26,000, Galleries & Museums $25,000 and Community Centres $109,000. Details of how these savings have been achieved are confidential because the “report [to councillors] contains information on personnel matters concerning particular individuals (other than councillors)”. The mayor, Richie Williamson, did not respond to the Independent’s phone calls, seeking comment, before this story was filed.