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Croquet at Coutts Crossing

Golf croquet enthusiasts were back after the heatwave enduring cold winds and showers. We welcomed Nola Horrocks who used to play croquet at Macksville. Nola had a tough first assignment, partnering John Buckley in drizzle to a 5-2 loss to Phyl Harrison and Ken Davison. In an accompanying three ball Peter Martin won with 5 against Joy Campbell’s 3 and Nea Buckley’s 2. In a second round of games Joy Campbell and Nola Horrocks teamed up but lost to Nea Buckley and a rampant Ken Davison 7-5. In the three ball Phyl Harrison overcame the men, John Buckley and Peter Martin winning 5 to 4 to 3. When it came to the bragging rights game Ken Davison was a spent force. With Peter Martin he could manage only 3 hoops against Phyl Harrison and John Buckley’s 7. John finally found the shot of the day on the last hoop, but Phyl was the only player with a 100% win record. In a skilful Association game Graham Wilson won 26-21 against Jim Algie, both having a series of good turns. On Sunday numerous people were still on holiday but in a great social atmosphere Jim Algie scraped home 15-12 over Sue Deeth. In a three handed game Peter Deeth used his last turn to good advantage to win with 13 hoops. Peter Martin, struggling with a borrowed mallet after his was stolen, was close behind with 12 and Graham Wilson just could not get a long turn, trailing with 8. Golf Croquet again on Monday. Bill Gauci, making a welcome return after a long illness partnered Phyl Harrison in a narrow loss to Barry Campbell and John Buckley, 7-6. Ken Davison and Pat MacLennan had a similar win over Joy Campbell and Nea Buckley, 7-6. Peter Martin, with another borrowed mallet, beat Pam Gauci 7-5. In the second round of games. Barry Campbell and Pam Gauci managed to beat Phyl Harrison and Joy Campbell 7-5. The game of the day was played by Nea Buckley with a 20 metre hoop and five of the seven hoops in her doubles victory with Ken Davison over Pat MacLennan and John Buckley. In the final games Pam Gauci and Ken Davison triumphed 7-2 over Pat MacLennan and a limping John Buckley who battled on through the pain. Ken had a hoop from 25 metres, and followed it up with a miss from 25 centimetres. Pam Gauci and Nea Buckley finished off the day with a 7-4 win over Bill Gauci and Joy Campbell, despite Joy’s ten metre hoop from an acute angle. There was a keenly fought and skilful Association game on Wednesday. As time was called the game ended with Wayne Gadke leading Jim Algie 25-21, with just the yellow to peg out. Jim then had a four hoop turn in extra time to bring the scores level at 25 each. Rusty Case and Helyn Davison had a friendly battle which Rusty won 22-11. In a three handed game Peter Martin beat the Deeth family with 20 hoops to Peter’s 11 and Sue’s 9. Members and beginners are reminded that training sessions are held before play. For Golf Croquet this is 1-1:30 on Thursdays before play starts. For Association Sundays and Wednesdays at 8:30 till 9. Training is free and individual tuition is given. Call 6649 3200 for details about how to join us in this most entertaining game. Sue Deeth