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Croquet at Coutts Crossing

Last week the court was closed due to the erection of new seating and shades, painting and lawn maintenance. A big thankyou to everyone that came and helped. After the old seating was deemed unsafe and dismantled months ago, the long wait has been worth it. The state of the art shading and comfortable seats are a great asset to our club. On Sunday and Wednesday the Association players enjoyed the beautiful weather and games. The outstanding player on Sunday was Jim who could do no wrong he defeated Sue 26 – 5. All other games were closely contested. On Wednesday Jim played Peter and couldn’t continue his good form. Peter was the better player. Kay and Sue had a hard fought battle with Kay winning by 1 hoop. Grahame was defeated by Rod by 2 hoops another close battle. Everyone enjoyed sitting on the new seats situated around the lawn close to the games in play with shade overhead. On Monday 12 players arrived to play Golf Croquet. They also enjoyed the wonderful warm weather. Three rounds were played amongst much laughter and chatter. Everyone was very impressed with the big improvements. Anyone wanting more information please ring 6649 3200. Why not join us for some exercise and fun. Sue Deeth