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Croquet at Coutts Crossing

The Coutts Crossing Croquet Club golf singles champion for 2015 is Rod Munro. In the final match he defeated runner-up Abbie Ellis 7-4. Ken Davison was 3rd. The group finishing 4th to 6th were Robyn Walters, John Buckley and Gillan Martin, while Nea Buckley, Bree Ellis and Eva Fischer also competed. There were several surprises and some spectacular shots. In the first game Abbie Ellis was expected to be a comfortable winner, but Gillian Martin pushed her hard all the way losing only 7-6. Eva Fischer (not having played for some weeks), ran the second hoop from 30 metres, a feat repeated by Nea Buckley later in the day. Gillian Martin had an excellent hoop from 15 metres. Shot of the day went to Abbie Ellis, a perfect jump shot. At the same moment, in another match she who will not be named also tried a jump shot and only succeeded in removing a divot. Thanks to all who played hard through a long hot day. On Sunday only four people arrived to play, due to it being a long weekend. Jim Algie played Susan Deeth Jim won 19 – 12. Peter gave Helen Forrest valuable training time. Her sister Lorraine from Casino came to watch but ended up playing/training also. They all enjoyed the morning. Lorraine showed great promise and we all suggested she go and join the casino group. The  results for Monday and Wednesday were unavailable at the time of this going to press. Susan Deeth