Croquet at Coutts Crossing

Just ten players to Golf Croquet on Thursday morning. The last to arrive, was the first to make her mark, a long, long 24 metre hoop by Robyn Walters. Partnering Pamela Gaucci she lost 7-4 to Ken Davison and Gillian Martin. Gillian partnered Frank Mack in a 7-4 loss to Joy Campbell and Pamela Gaucci. Yvonne Gillet and Phyl Harrison started the day with a 7-4 loss to Nola Horrocks and Ken Davison. In the only single match of the day Robyn Walters edged home over Bill Gaucci 7-6. In an evenly fought seven matches nobody won all and nobody lost all. Rod Munro spent Saturday cooking sausage sizzles for the club at Bunnings. It improved his form and Sunday he missed nothing in a 14-10 win over Peter Martin. Another three from the Bunnings effort were in need of another sausage. In a lacklustre game Peter Deeth managed 10 hoops to Jim Algie’s 8 and Sue Deeth’s 5. Extra sauce might have helped. No Monday morning blues for Helyn Davison, John Buckley, Jane Berger and Debbie MacIntosh, who all hit spectacular 20 metre hoops during the morning. Peter Martin had a miserable morning until the penultimate hoop of the day when he hit a successful jump shot: result: bliss. Three players won all their games, Jane Berger, John Buckley and Gillian Martin. The Coaldale gang were all in great form: Debbie MacIntosh had two wins and a very narrow loss, Louise Lowe had two big wins, but a couple of disasters and Rusty Case had her best day for many months: three big wins and a narrow loss. Frank Mack and Ken Davison kept the men in the picture with two wins to one loss each. Joy Campbell and Yvonne Gillet each had two wins and two losses, the correct performance for the Equinox. But the fates were unkind to Phyl Harrison, Shirley Tees and Nea Buckley. Not a victory among them, but from their broad smiles at the end they had all clearly had a fine morning’s entertainment. Midweek saw Gillian Martin playing Association Croquet again for only the second time since breaking an arm a year ago. She has lost little of her concentration, partnering husband Peter to a narrow loss to in form Sue Deeth and Wayne Gadke 23-17. Rod Munro, playing often and well, had a 21-13 victory over Peter Deeth. Jim Algie just scraped in 12-11 over Kay Munro. April 5 – 8, as part of Seniors’ week, we offer the chance to play. All equipment, tuition, transport from Grafton, lunch, tea, coffee: all free, yes free. but you must book. Call 6649 5109. Sue Deeth