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Grafton Rifle Club

Saturdays shoot was the very tricky 90m rimfire range, with a field of 19 shooters taking part. Only 3 Possibles were shot on the day with Mark Geary, Justin Georgelin and Greg Mills-Thom taking one apiece. Top off rifle was Mark Geary 95 with 5) followed by Greg Mills-Thom 93 (with8) and third was a tie between Justin and Liza Georgelin who both shot a 93 (with 5). A Grade aggregate scores – Mark Geary 100, Peter Tyrie 95.2, Rob Durrington 91.8, Liza Georgelin 96.6, Justin Georgelin 96.2, Greg Mills-Thom 94.2, Gary Irons 88.4. B Grade aggregate scores- Don Parsons 91.4, Kate Power-Geary 79.2, Chris McKenzie 89.4, Dave Grundy 73. C Grade aggregate scores- John Grebert 85, Scott Murdoch 67.8, Ryan Townsend 52, Sandra Cockbain 48.2, Warren Cockbain 40.2, Peter Clarke 72.8, Lindsay Cole 59, Liam McAuley 50. Next week will be a fieldclass shoot from the 100 yard mound so both rimfire and centrefire rifles can be used. New shooters and visitors are always welcome with range open from 8.30 for sign-on and shooting starting from 9am. Following this will be the mixed benchrest followed by fullbore\f-class at 1pm from the 600 yard mound.