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Croquet at Coutts Crossing

The croquet week started with fifteen people turning up on a gray day to play and watch golf croquet. Delightful social occasion, but no croquet. After fifteen minutes the rains came, an early tea break, led to a long tea break and we all went home as puddles threatened to appear. It is still Summer isn’t it? There was oddly slow and lacklustre play on Sunday, the 8am start and humidity do not mix. Rod Munro beat Peter Martin 15-9, Peter Deeth beat Kay Munro 14-9 and Jim Algie just managed to overcome Sue Deeth 11-10, but nobody was happy with their form. A full house on Monday for golf croquet and some fine play. We must plan for a third session of golf croquet each week to cater for the demand. John and Nea Buckley introduced their granddaughter Loren Buckley to the game and John repeatedly showed off with three ten metre hoops and the first successful jump shot for weeks. Nea copied John with some superb play, while Loren learned that croquet is a mean game, and her grandparents are good at it. It was a delight to see Bill Gaucci play a full morning’s croquet after his recent ill health, and with great success. Others with near perfect records on the day were Ken Davison, Phyl Harrison, Pat MacLennan and Helyn Davison. Close behind them were Frank Mack, who was alternately good and bad, Louise Lowe, Robyn Walters, Joy Campbell and Nola Horrocks. Both Gillian and Peter Martin had bad days; they should take a holiday. There was one oddity, a 7-0 blowout win by Nola Horrocks and Gillian Martin, against whom we will be silent except to say the losers bounced back in their next game and declared it was a fine morning’s entertainment. But the day belonged to John Buckley, for once. Wednesday saw only 4 players everyone must have thought it was going to rain. After a short shower play got under way in humid hot conditions. Peter Deeth defeated Rod Munro 11 – 5. Kay Munro defeated Sue Deeth 14 – 7. Everyone was glad when time was called but conceded that it was still fun even though we had melted. To play call 6647 3200 for times and directions. Sue Deeth