Council Christmas present to Iluka

Ed, I have attached a letter written to all the Councillors regarding the removal of four tables from the rotunda at Iluka Oval; adjacent to the skatepark. (I have had no reply as they are all on holiday). This was done in a sneaky manner on Christmas Eve about 4pm. These tables were provided by Iluka/Woombah Rotary Club and the Fishing Club, not by council. So this petty act penalised the rest of Iluka and all the tourists by taking the tables at a time when all the council workers are on leave. We have located them – locked in the council work shed in Johnsons Lane and the reason given there, is they were taken away to remove graffiti – when all the workers are on holiday? This is obviously not correct and we are desperate to obtain the return of all four tables. One councillor who was contacted by the Fishing Club said she knew nothing about this removal. Pat Shepherd, Secretary Iluka Ratepayers Assoc. Dear G.M., Mayor and Councillor, The Ratepayers Association is dismayed that tables have been removed from the Rotary rotunda on Iluka oval adjacent to the skate park. The timing was appalling, with the holiday crowds descending on Iluka. These tables are well used – by parents watching their children playing at the skate park, children seeking some shade, and at the Iluka Rotary monthly markets the tables are always crowded. The BBQ is under the rotunda and people use the tables to eat their food. Are they now expected to stand? These tables were provided by Rotary and the Fishing Club, not council and we ask that they be restored immediately. I feel sure the press would be interested in why a hard fought for community amenity has been taken away on the whim of a council employee, when people in the Lower Clarence are crying out for such amenities. Yours faithfully, Pat Shepherd, Secretary