Let’s remember Rex “Tiger” Teece

Ed, It was pleasing to see Yamba’s new roundabout at the foot of Coldstream street hill, reflect on Yamba’s rich history. But while the recognition of Tommy Walker and Francis Freeburn is justified, I was disappointed at not seeing Rex “Tiger” Teece’s name there. Rex, a member of the Yamba SLSC, was a powerful swimmer. Legend has it, he trained at the Blue Pools, Angourie pulling a drum. He worked as a butcher in his fathers butcher shop in the town centre. Surf rescues in big seas, the call would go out to get Rex. He would take off in his heavy butchers boots from where the new roundabout has been installed. Discarding his clothes as he ran up the hill, down to the beach to confront the huge surf to perform some heroic rescues. Tragically he died in 1972, being hauled in after he won a surf belt race at Ballina. Yamba has many historical landmarks, Ager Park (William “honey” Ager) Flinders Park (Matthew Flinders) Rocky Laurie Drive, Fred Phillips Park etc. But I am unaware, Yamba has anything to remember Rex “Tiger” Teece by. The base of the Coldstream street hill would have been ideal. Ray Hunt, Yamba