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‘Christingle’ is coming

Christmas is coming and this means celebrations will be in full swing at the annual Christingle Carol Service. This very special night will be held at St. James Anglican Church, 15 Wharf Street, Maclean on Sunday 6th December at 6pm. This is the time for people of all ages, children, parents, grandparents and friends, to enjoy the stories, sing carols, watch the dancing, listen to the choirs and see the delight on the faces of the children. All children will be offered the opportunity to get dressed up and take part in the service as angels, shepherds, wise men, Mary or Joseph. In this special and interactive way, the story of the birth of Jesus Christ is told. The highlight of the night will be the centuries old ‘Christingle’, a special gift for the children to take home as a memento of the Christmas season. The beauty of the ‘Christingle’ procession will melt all hearts. Anglican Lay Minister Wendy Varcoe encourages everyone to come and enjoy the event, even if they are not church goers. Everyone is welcome. Following the carols there will be a party for the children, and the adults as well. Wendy said, ‘’For many people the Christingle Service marks the beginning of the Christmas season. It’s always a beautiful night, so come and enjoy the spirit of Christmas”. This wonderful night starts at 6pm. Di Jones