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Choose rain water – it’s only natural

Capture   With water becoming a precious resource and the cost of water continuing to increase, there is no better time than now to consider installing a rain water tank. Installing a small tank, up to 10,000 litres, in your backyard for watering the garden can save you money, and help the environment. Rain water tanks can also be connected to the house mains for use in toilets and washing machines or for supplying the hot water system. There is nothing more refreshing than the taste of pure, natural rainwater. When considering the installation of a rainwater tank, there are some factors that you need to take into account: What you intend to use the water for and how large your catchment area is. How many people live in the home and what your current water usage is. • The size of your garden. • How much space you need • What guarantee does the tank have • What preparation is required to install the tank. • Will you need council approval. Paul and Leane Halloran of Halloran Tanks are the local distributors of the Bushman’s range of rainwater tanks and can assist you in choosing the right tank for your needs. Paul says people wanting to save on their water bill can install a small water tank in their backyard to water the gardens, wash the car or top up the pool. “A tank under 10,000 litres doesn’t need council approval and installation is easy,” says Paul “The range that Bushman has are high quality, all Australian made and because they have a huge range of tanks in all sizes and colours we can always find a tank to suit our customer’s needs.” “The staff at Bushman’s are great to deal with, so we can assure our customers of quality service from start to finish and because all the above ground tanks have a ten year guarantee, that gives our customers peace of mind knowing they are buying a quality product,” says Paul. Halloran Tanks have monthly specials available and also provide free delivery to the Clarence Valley area. Visit their website at or contact Paul or Leane on 0409 918 818 or email