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Don’t forget about the birds

As we are now approximately half way through our wonderful Spring season, this means the Summer season is fast approaching, and as the forecast is for a dry summer season, we should try and do some extra things to drought proof our gardens, like adding a generous amount of mulch. Make sure before applying mulch that you water the plants or area well for a couple of days, add some water crystals, then add the sugarcane, tea-tree or cypress mulch. This will help stop evaporation, also save you dollars on your water bill. Those of us that have birds and little critters visiting our garden, remember they will need some refreshing clean water on a daily basis, so always have a water-feature or a large flat bowl placed in a secluded place in your garden for the critters, and a birdbath or a bowl on a pole for the birds, you can also have a bird-house or feeder hanging from a large tree or you verandah with native bird seed, just make sure it is relatively waterproof and up off the ground to help protect the birds from predators. With the current level of plant breeding, many are relatively drought tolerant, easy to grow and very tough. At Junction Hill Nursery we have many plant varieties you can choose from, also lots of advise on making your garden waterwise and healthy. – Patti