Alley Cats kept their cool and came away with Yamba ten pin title. Image: contributed

Cat fight decides final

Last Tuesday week saw a night full of tension and extraordinary bowling, as the two top teams of the Yamba Bowling Club ten pin bowling competition came to play off in the grand final.

The Alley Cats and the Kool Kats have been neck and neck throughout the competition, but only one was going to take the top dog position, and walk away with the much sought after winner’s trophy.

The competition was fierce, and the walls rebounded with the sound of pins scattering, with the strikes of the players. The Kool Kats young gun, Shannon Maddon, continued to show his solid seasonal form, with relentless strikes and high scores. There was strong support from the other Kool Kats of Wendy, Graham and Bede.

It was a slow start for the Alley Cats, trailing in the first game by 100 points. After a group huddle, a quick beer, a strong word from captain Mason Hellcat, they returned to play the second game, with a glint in their eye and a skip in their step. The room was full, and there were collective sighs, as Dave Brandon starting firing and consistently knocked those white pins down. Phil Moore and Ian Versace continued making the pins fly, and the score continued to rise. As the final frame came into play the scores were so close. Mason Hellcat stepped up, and in true Hellcat style, with his unique three step and swing, whist muttering his all too familiar mantra, “it all comes down to me”, the final bowls were bowled. The Alley Cats were victorious.

The sound of the high fives could be heard all around the bowling club, as the Alley Cats were finally out of the alley and on to that winner’s podium.

If you want to join this great social ten pin bowling comp, please contact the Yamba Bowling Club.

Philip Moore