Cameron Street cycle path?

Dear Ed,

After the dust settles, pedestrian-cyclists going between Maclean and Townsend will have a longer but flatter path, which goes via Ferry Park.

The TfNSW section of the path has been completed but the section of Cameron Street between Ferry Park and Jubilee Street remains dangerous for pedestrians and cyclists, as they will have to walk on the road. It is unclear if and when a safe walking path will be built.

Also during August the old and new paths are not accessible while the old bridge is demolished.

As a result the pedestrians / cyclists have to walk along the Townsend on-off ramp and cross two roundabouts to reach Ferry Park. (See map).

There are not very many pedestrians / cyclists, but at the moment for any that do, it is quite dangerous.

I did see one young student (purple dot) walking beside the on-off ramp up near the roundabouts.

It would appear to be an unacceptable situation. What do you think?

John Ibbotson, Gulmarrad