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St James Camino, Image: Contributed.

A nurturing environment where learners grow

Last Friday was a special day at St James Yamba. It was the day we celebrated the Feast of Saint James. While this is a celebration of the historical figure we are named after, what struck me was how children and staff can work collaboratively to grow as learners.

Teams of staff developed stations around the school site, which tell the story of Saint James (a Camino de Yamba if you will). My highlight of the walk was the participation of every child in the process and the assured nature in which the children in Stage 3 took charge of each stop on the journey, telling the story of the life of James and helping the children to understand why this matters. 

When the morning walk (Camino de Yamba), was finished I entered the staffroom to the staff raving about the presentation of every Stage 3 student. Growing in confidence and engagement as the groups came and went; presenting in front of a large group of students and adults; asking questions of their audience and responding with confidence and grace. Every student in Stage 3 completed a speaking role which enhanced the presentation.

I have watched this cohort of children grow from Kindergarten and today I am content that the rigorous curriculum that is fostered in the school nurtures the children as learners.