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Your one stop destination

Yamba Mitre 10’s Bruce Tarvit reckons that not enough locals know what’s available right on their door-step.

“You’ve got an industrial estate here that is probably better than those in many cities,” Mr Tarvit said.

“We need to tell people that they can get 90 per cent of their industrial requirements right here – there’s no need to go anywhere else.

“There are many dozens of businesses in the Yamba Industrial Estate across a broad spectrum of industries, including flooring and blinds, smash repairers, boat building, equipment hire, kitchen shops, electrical, shed builders, mechanics, paint shops, pools, fast food, and so much more,” he said.

Mr Tarvit wasn’t alone in thinking that the industrial estate was worth spruiking to locals about, with well over 20 of his fellow business people putting their financial backing behind the newspaper feature you are looking at right now.

Business people in the estate have said the continued existence of the wide variety of goods and services on offer, is dependent upon the support of locals. They urged people to keep their money local, and check out the Yamba Industrial Estate – a ‘destination worth coming to’.