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Your chance to have a say on Clarence Valley Council’s planning documents

The Integrated Planning & Reporting (IP&R) documents for 2021-22 are currently available for comment.
Laura Black, Director Corporate & Governance, Clarence Valley Council would like to remind residents that these documents outline the strategies, challenges, and operations of Council.
“It is important that we are on the front foot when it comes to planning for the next financial year,” said Ms Black. The 2021-22 Operational Plan takes on a new look that Council is eager to receive feedback about. “Our Operational Plan now clearly details the key projects that each of our services will be delivering and the capital works projects that are scheduled for the year,” said Ms Black.It is anticipated it will be much easier for community to hold the Council to account for delivery of what it says it will deliver. “Each quarter we will report progress against these activities so community can keep track of the outcomes they are expecting of us,” added Ms Black.  The IP&R documents are Councils essential planning documents.

They include:
Draft Delivery Program – the activities the elected Council has prioritised over their term.
Draft Operational Plan – the actions, projects, and programs the organisation will implement over the next financial year.
Draft Resourcing Strategy – the 10-year financial plan, asset management strategy and workforce management strategy.
Draft Fees and Charges – the costs of doing business with Council.
Clarence Valley Council invites you to comment on the Integrated Planning & Reporting documents. Deadline for submissions is 2 June.

For further information visit – www.clarence.nsw.gov.au/onexhibition