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You can help cheer up Rudolph

cvi   The end of the year is always a busy time for hospitals across the country, and veterinary hospitals are no exception. In between the snake bite victims, tick paralysis patients and heat stroke sufferers, an unusual patient presented to Angourie Road Veterinary Surgery in Yamba. He’s quite a high-profile patient, but unlike Hollywood’s stars, he doesn’t mind sharing his medical records with you all. In the interests of keeping the population of Yamba up-to-date with his progress, we have his records here to share… Rudolph the reindeer presented to us on the 27th November following a training accident. He was in training for a marathon race to be held on the 24th December, but unfortunately strained ligaments in all legs. In an misguided attempt to self-medicate, he also ended up with a candy cane overdose. Owing to his usual environment, and steady diet of sweets and plum pudding, he is also severely vitamin-D deficient. You could say he’s lost his glow… Rudolph’s owner is quite the demanding type and is insistent that we get Rudolph fighting fit by the 24th for his marathon…and who are we to argue with a big man in a red suit? So, we are working around the clock to get him better! Here’s our plan…and how you can help… • Pain relief and antiinflammatories, (hidden in fruit mince pies) • External coaptation (fancy bandages). • We will eat any further candy canes ourselves, or get clients to eat them, in order to prevent any further overdoses (yes, that’s right, we’re that committed) • Daily sun baths for Vitamin D, and fresh hay to nibble on But most importantly…Rudolph needs love! The Angourie Road Veterinary Surgery invites all people of Yamba (especially kids) to come by and see him on the front lawn during the day, ring his bell to cheer him up and give him a pat or see him in his spot by the window at night….we are even putting up lots of lights and surrounding him in presents to help him feel at home at the Surgery. We know Yamba’s a long way from the North Pole, but we feel immensely proud to be helping him out… (Oh, and P.S…I heard he’ll pass on any Christmas wishes to the big red guy himself…it’s worth whispering in his ear!)