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Year 10 “Stellar” Anatomy and Physiology excursion day to Southern Cross University

On the last Thursday of Term 1, 2018, fourteen students attended an Anatomy and Physiology Day at Lismore SCU as part of the “Stellar, get into Uni program”.  The students all displayed exemplary behaviour from the minute they got on the bus until we returned to school. Well done, Maclean High School students! Here’s what the students had to say about their experience:- “The trip to the University was a great experience and provided us with plenty of opportunities. We were able to see what classes were available and the different areas of learning.” “The people were nice and informative. The food was good. The campus was nice to walk around and although I’m not very interested in Sport Science, the lessons were interesting.” “I really enjoyed the practical activities to do with anatomy. I found it was a more relaxed experience compared to school, which I really enjoyed. Also we got free pizza and handouts. Need I say more?” “Overall it was a great day and I really enjoyed it. The Library tour was good. I still haven’t seen the entire Uni so I think a Uni tour would be a great idea. At the end, we got to ask questions about careers which was good.” Mrs Helen Bowie