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Maclean HS Year 11 Chemistry

Styrofoam balls, toothpicks, plasticine, lollies and the computer program Sketchup – just some of the resources that the Year 11 Chemistry Class of 2018 used in their first assessment task of the year. The task was to present models to illustrate the 4 structures that make up all chemical substance, with the students using any suitable substance for examples. The four structures made were an ionic network (e.g. sodium chloride), metallic structure (e.g. any metal you see today), covalent molecular (e.g. water) and covalent networks (e.g.diamond).  This is the start of a new Chemistry syllabus that came online in January of this year. With an inquiry based approach, the syllabus enables students to find answers to complex concepts and communicate in creative approaches. Using models provides an environment for interactive student engagement and is an effective means to help conceptualise abstract and unobservable theories. The students worked diligently to construct their models and present them to the rest of the class, who reviewed the models and gave feedback. Mya Smith (Year 11 ) & Ms Vadher