Yamba Squash – Semi Finals Time

The semi finals at Yamba Squash Centre are finally upon us. In the Monday night competition the ‘Fig’ team of Jamie Disson and fill in player, Dean Turner, made first place and they will play off against the third placed team, the ‘Bananas’ of Roy Ellery and Gavin Varley. Bob Aitkin of the ‘Apple’ team has done a great job of reaching second position even though he has a had a fill in player as a partner for most of the competition. This team will play fourth placed team the ‘Cherries’ of Lauren Mikkelsen and Roger Varcoe. The Cherries have been the most consistent team despite the fourth placing. Division 1 on Wednesday night still have a few weeks left of their competition while Division 2 will play their semi finals. The ‘Date’ team of Barry Serjeant and Jack Skippen were the surprise packet and finished quite a few points in front of their nearest rivals. The Dates will play the ‘Broccoli’ team of Helen Anderson and Brett Serjeant. Brett has had a good competition winning more matches than losing. The ‘Cucumber’ team of Kane Hancock and Luke Woldseth snuck into second place and they will play fourth placed team, the ‘Artichokes’ of Philippa Hayman and Paul Goyma. Kane will be looking to play Philippa as she has been on holidays . All semi finals will run over two weeks as will the finals. Following this competition will be the 2015 Club Championships and then straight after will be the 2016 winter competition. Names are being taken for this competition so don’t be a couch potato over winter come in and get warm with a quick run around the squash court. There are grades for all players so don’t be shy and ring the Squash Centre to find out more about it. Susan Pilley