Grafton Rifle Club 60m rimfire

The wet weather that was predicted was nowhere to be found on Saturday but it was the wind was which made conditions a little tricky for the little .22’s. This and the full moon the night before might go towards explaining some of the odd events that took place amongst our A Grader’s this week. Without naming names to protect the foolhardy, we had one A Grader fire a shot before the target was turned round, another who thought this amusing did the same for one of his sighters, and then a popular father and son team had trouble deciding which targets they wanted to shoot on, with both sharing shots with each other and their neighbouring shooter. Only one possible was shot on the day with Chris Mckenzie taking that honour. Top off rifle was Chris Mckenzie 93 (with 8), 2nd was Greg Mills-Thom 88 (with 6), 3rd was Liza Georgelin 88 (with 1). A Grade Aggregate scores- Mark Geary 92.2, Peter Tyrie 89.2, Rob Durrington 82.8, Liza Georgelin 91.6, Nick Power-Geary 90.2, Greg Mills Thom 89.2; B Grade Aggregate scores- Chris Mckenzie 100, Dave Grundy 86, Lorraine Geary 72.4; C Grade Aggregate scores- Tiff Durrington 98.2, John Currie 62, Jeff Miller 88.2, Ray Omalley 33, David Lardner 92.2, Steve Mckenzie 59, Scott Murdoch 81.8, Lindsay Cole 87, Ross Austen 79.2, Ryan Townsend 83.2, Liam Mcauley 63, John Grebert 80, Eli Grundy 59.8, Meaghan Mckenzie 69.2. Next week will be the fifth Saturday so as there is no scheduled shoot we will have the 300 yard fly shoot followed by mixed benchrest out of the shed. Range is located at 434 Trenayr road Junction Hill in behind Koppers logs and is open from 8.15am with shooting commencing at 9am on the dot.