Yamba roundabout and climate change


Geoff Helisma’s report (CVI 3/7/19) on the CVC meeting of June 25; the essence of which was Clr Baker raising the issue of embedded energy in concrete for the agreed Yamba roundabout.

I am delighted that Clr Baker has bravely opened the door to the generic topic. To directly respond to Clr Baker, I suggest, “be careful what you wish for”.

Yes, it could be reasonably seen as opening the roundabout debate once more. Again, be careful what you wish for. By example, the KISS minimalist low cost  bus-drive-over-verge model roundabout uses far less Climate Change embedded energy than the proposed plan, far less than the embedded plus process energy plus life-cycle for traffic lights, and would equally regulate the intersection with a smile on the budget.

Geoff Little, Wooloweyah