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Yamba Lady Golfers

A nice sunny morning last Wednesday turned very wet and stormy when 46 ladies at Yamba competed for the 1st Monthly Medal and the first round of the Elimination competition. Winning the A Grade medal was Jenny Macqueen with 72 net. Di Sigle was runner-up 75c/b and Tina Earp was gross winner 89. Janine Zietsch won the putting 30. Both the Net winner in B Grade – Jane Bonner 75, and Gross winner Alison Caller 108- won their prizes after taking shelter from the storm then returning to the course to finish their rounds when it was safe to do so. Kim Lipscombe was runner-up in this grade with 79 and Kim also won the B Grade medal. Best putter was Deirdre Gough 31. Jane Bonner was winner of the C Grade medal, and the overall putting winner was Di Sigle 28. NTP winners were Di Sigle – Yamba Medical Centre 3, Liz Dwyer – Yamba Florist 3/2, Lyn Rowland – Yamba Pro Shop 9 and also Clovelly Fashions 17, Lee Daley – Yamba Fair Butchery 10, Judy Palich – The Shoe Boutique 12 and Denise Ginn – the Block 17/2. Pro balls ran to 80 and forty players qualified for the Elimination. The winner of the 9 holes competition was Val Bofinger from runner-up Judy Turnbull. Draw of the cards winners were Carolyn Chester – Civic Video, Margery Allison – Priceline Pharmacy, Jane Bonner – The Friendly Grocer, Tina Earp – Yamba Florist. Other prize winners were Di Sigle – Café Marina, Jenny Macqueen – Mexican Restaurant, Pauline McKinnon – The Corner Store and Lee Daley – John’s Free Lesson. The raffle, which was kindly donated by Jeannie Doolan and raised $76, was won by Dot Newton. On Friday, 38 competed in a Single Stableford which was won by Janine Zietsch with an excellent score of 37. Runner-up was current Friday star Chris Harris 34 from 3rd place Kim Lipscombe 32. Pins were won by Helen Collins – Tom’s Chinese Restaurant 3 and Wato’s Fish & Burgers 17, Chris Harris – Retireinvest 3/2, Lee Daley – Peter Campbell Physiotherapy 9, Jennifer Fagan – Kitchen to Table 10 and Jean Whitby – Yamba’s Fisho 12. Ball run-down was to 28c/b. Of the five playing on Saturday, Jane Bonner was once again a winner with 31 points from runner-up Kathy Parker. Kathy informed me that conditions were very hard indeed, so well done both Jane and Kathy. It is now time to get your teams together and your names to Captain, Judy, for the Ladies’ Holden Scramble which will be played on Friday May 13. Pauline McKinnon