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Yamba 9 hole Championship

Yamba Lady Golfers played very well in the Southern Division of Pennant this year with Grade 1 finishing 3rd and Grade 2 WINNING! Congratulations to both teams for a sterling effort. Grade 2 will face a play- off against the winners of Northern Division on July 4 to decide the WGNR District winner. After horrendous weather over the week-end, the skies cleared and provided a beautiful day on Wednesday when the 3rd round of the Championships and the 4th Monthly and GNSW Medals were played, and 47 competed, the winner of Net and the Medal in A Grade was Jeannie Doolan with 76. Suzanne Scott came in 2nd with 79 and Jennifer Fagan was gross winner 93. Glenda Smith won both net and the Medal in B Grade with 74 from Lynne Donsworth 78c/b. Jill L Brown won the gross 104. Putting in A Grade was taken by Tina Earp 32c/b and in B Grade it was Lesley Love 31. Lesley was also the winner of the Café Marina voucher for overall best putting. Kathy Parker was winner of John’s Free Lesson. Pro balls were awarded to 81c/b and pins were taken by Jennifer Fagan – Yamba Medical Centre 3, Jeannie Doolan – Yamba Pro Shop 9, Carrie Aitken – Yamba Fair Butchery 10, Lee Daley – The Shoe Boutique 12, Jenny Macqueen – Clovelly Fashions 17 and Glenda Smith – The Block 17/2. The first Championship round for the 9 holers attracted 12 players with first place going to Annie Green 13 c/b, 2nd to Trish White and 3rd Rae Blood. The final round of the 9 holers’ Championship will be played next Wednesday. It was also a big give-away day when Trish McDermid won both the Civic Video and The Corner Store vouchers, Glen Czarnota – Priceline Pharmacy, Di Sigle – Spar Express, Deirdre Gough – Yamba Florist, Helen Collins -Ann’s Pearls, Verna Wright – The Mexican Restaurant. Trish McDermid donated a TotaLook voucher which was won by Jane Anderson and raised $112. Friday saw 40 players competing in the 3rd round of the Championships and the A Grade winner was, once again, Jeannie Doolan 74 from Jean Whitby 75. Jennifer Fagan was gross winner 94 and putting was also won by Jean Whitby 31 c/b. B Grade was won by Alison Caller 74 from Kim Lipscombe 78 c/b. Alison was also best putter 32 and Moira Morrow best gross 106 . NTP winners were Carolyn Chester – Tom’s Chinese Restaurant 3, Jo King – Retireinvest 3/2, Robyn Brockwell – Peter Campbell Physiotherapy 9 as well as Wato’s Fish & Burgers 17. Janelle Carpenter – Kitchen to Table 10, Suzanne Scott – Yamba’s Fisho 12 and Di Sweetman – Yamba Pharmacy 17/2. Balls went to 80 c/b. The final round of the Championships will be played next Wednesday and should prove to be most exciting as each grade is being closely contested and the Club Championship itself having Jennifer Fagan and Jeannie Doolan hitting off with equal scores to date. The lovely weather continued through to Saturday when 8 ladies played a Single Stableford. Julie Dunn, visiting from Glen Innes was included in the field, but Mary Hogan was the day’s winner with 34 points. Kathy Parker has either had her free lesson from John or else has given herself a stern talking to because she was runner-up with 31 c/b and also winner of the NTP. Pauline McKinnon