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Who is mum’s favourite child?

Instant Scratch-Its reveals which sibling holds the title..

It has been a jokingly contested debate around the family dinner table and the question many siblings have pondered for years– does mum have a favourite and who is it?

In the lead up to Mother’s Day, research from the Lott revealed over 70% of Aussies surveyed thought their mum had a favourite child. Most say it’s the youngest because they will forever be “the baby” of the family (see Table 1).

Another 29% believe the oldest was the apple of mum’s eye, while as always, the middle child missed out — only 13% think the middle child could be mum’s favourite.

Who do you think is your mum’s favourite child?
✓ The youngest child 46%
✓ The oldest child 29%
✓ The middle child 13%
✓ Other 12%
While many children thought their mum had a favourite child, the Lott spokesperson Bronwyn Spencer said it was a different story from the mothers themselves.

“It might seem like she was just placating you and your siblings when she told you all her children were her favourite, but for 82% of mums surveyed – it’s the truth,” she said.

“Only 5% of mums confessed to liking the youngest the best, while another 5% said the eldest was their favourite.

“Aussies told us they felt the youngest was the favourite because they seemed to get away with anything during childhood.

“Others thought the eldest was the favourite because of their tendency to be reliable, helpful and they always used to receive everything first.

“We also found people thought being the only male or only female in the family meant they were the favourite – especially if they were the first in a generation or more.


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