Who do you vote for?


Next  time you see your children or grandchildren, masked like some bandits, because some other bandits have stolen their world’s clean air that they used to safely breathe, just think about this.

Now in the lead-up to our coming local and Federal government elections, your politicians are promising the Earth to you and your children. And they are promising the Earth to your grandchildren, to those who are still too young to vote for their future.

Many of those politicians will promise you economic growth beyond belief, so long as you elect them. 

But when you carefully remove your mask to cautiously talk to those younger people you really cherish, just ask them this one question?

Would they prefer you to vote for a politician who promises ever greater economic growth, even for them or a politician who promises to strive to ensure that air will again be safe to breathe, water that is safe to drink, soil that can safely grow food and the preservation of the world of nature which gives you so much pleasure and on which you depend?

It won’t cost the Earth to ask that one question before, like a masked bandit, you cast your vote for their future.


Harry Johnson, Iluka