Weather, what weather?


Whether our weather is now changing is the $64,000 question. And it’s certainly a question now being asked by many people.

Last week our local paper mentioned troublesome weather 3 or 4 times. This interest in today’s weather is reflected in the LETTERS section of our local paper, for only last week (CVI 13/3/24) a writer suggested that the weather has been changing for thousands of years and that in recent years the more frequent and severe climate extremes such as very high temperatures, widespread bushfires and extreme rainfall events are just “business-as-usual” weather. 

That may be so, but the members of one of Australia’s 10 largest superannuation funds with a membership of more than 10 million has just publicly challenged a fossil fuel company on climate grounds.

Some people might think that climate scientists are a bit “nerdy” however when 97% of the world’s actively published climate scientists agree that humans are causing global warming and climate change, I think climate scientists are onto something, and if one of my grandsons wanted to become a climate scientist, I’d be very happy.

Harry Johnson,  Iluka