Site fill truck movements


There are a growing number of (inappropriately?) approved development sites around Yamba which require fill to a level 2.4 metres and above before construction can commence. This in turn obviously requires vast numbers of truck and dog trailer combinations to come to these sites loaded with the required fill. The Gross Combination Mass (GCM) of such a truck/trailer combination is generally between 42 tonnes and 50 tonnes depending on the axle configuration.

The potential damage caused by such weights travelling regularly and relentlessly over CVC region roads is huge and should be paid for by The Developers and not by Council or ratepayers.

To this end I suggest a simple solution to raise that money to go towards road maintenance; a solution based on the COVID-19 NSW/QLD border crossing … a Checkpoint.

Each single tipper truck or truck/trailer combination to be pulled over at the Checkpoint (similar to an RBT) at the entry into the 50km zone and then to pay a fee of say $50.00 per load prior to being allowed to travel to the site with fill. Being pulled over into a layby they would not impede regular traffic.

The revenue raised to be applied only to maintenance of damaged roads.

It would work. I urge Council to seek advice on implementation of such a toll.

Clive Jeffery, Yamba