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Clarence Valley Council Environmental Officer and coordinator of the Living Sustainably Awards, Suzanne Lynch, with Scrapboy, Dirtgirl and Costa the Garden


Council’s Living Sustainably Awards


With all that is happening in the world it seems that “good news stories” are in short supply. Despite the horrific wars, growing biodiversity loss, rapidly expanding climate change impacts, political chicanery and a range of other depressing issues, there are positive developments with individuals and groups working to improve outcomes in a wide range of areas both locally and further afield. These contributions – even if just on a small scale – are important for the welfare of those individuals and groups as well as for society in general. They are also beneficial in showing others what can be achieved by those who have the time, the energy and the commitment.

Clarence Valley Council has been playing an important part locally in recognising individuals and groups who are working to improve outcomes in the area of sustainability. Its Living Sustainably Awards, introduced in 2011, recognise people and groups in our LGA who are making positive contributions to living sustainably.

Applications are now being accepted for the 2024 awards.

All Clarence residents, not-for-profit community groups, schools or businesses in the Clarence Council area eligible to nominate. There are five categories – Individual, Community, Business, Education and Our Backyard.

Nomination for the awards can either be through a third party or by self-nomination. Nomination forms are available on Council’s website or can be collected from Council offices in Grafton or Maclean.

One of the issues through the history of these awards has been the reluctance of people to nominate themselves. That is unfortunate as self-nominees might feel less reluctance if they recognise that they are doing great work and would see the value of encouraging others to take a similar path.

For more details check https://www.clarence.nsw.gov.au/Environment/Living-Sustainably-Awards

Do you know anyone who could be nominated?

There are two important benefits from these awards. The first is recognition of those who are making significant contributions to sustainable living. The second, which is also very important, is showing others what can be done and hopefully encouraging them to make a positive contribution in their lives.

Leonie Blain